8 Week Challenge

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This is our premium personal training package. As the title suggests, we are going to transform your fitness, but also your thinking, habits, training and life. Over the 8 weeks you will experience:

  1. Exercise sessions and tips
  2. Goal setting and follow-ups
  3. Testing & assessments
  4. 1 PT session per week
  5. High intensity interval training guidelines and session plans
  6. Tracking and recording of all exercise sessions
  7. Nutritional guidelines and advice
  8. Education and information regarding
  9. 8 habits of highly successful eaters
  10. 8 habits cheat sheet
  11. Shopping list and food guidelines
  12. How do I plan my meals
  13. Sample meal plans
  14. How to read food

Receive the 8WC Starter Pack

  • 8WC Transformation Manual - including goal setting, fat loss nutrition guidelines and training sessions
  • Snap Fitness Water Bottle and Bag

Expect to achieve

  • Lose between 4 and 8kg of body fat
  • Enormous amounts of energy and vitality
  • A better understanding of food and nutrient timing
  • Vastly improved health and fitness
  • A new and improved you.

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